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The Scorpion Fly

(1) The Scorpion Fly
(1) The Scorpion Fly



The Scorpion Fly

Now that the summer has gone with gales and torrential rain forecasted, (24-09-2012) we may also say goodbye to the biting insects that plagued us during the summer months, with names like Midge, Wasps, Bees, Clegs, etc., with many more that we may not see but feel just too late with red patches and lumps soon to appear on various parts of our bodies that are exposed to sunlight, and other hidden parts which are still susceptible to some devious wee bandits like the Tick and others, with the Tick being the most troublesome and indeed downright dangerous with serious health problems arising from being in contact with some of them. Lyme disease is the outcome with debilitating results in the long term. If in doubt, get it checked out, and remember ticks are here 24/7 as I have got then on me during February.

I get my fair share of bites, and ticks burying their head into my flesh and injecting me with stuff that stops my blood from congealing, so that they can feast on it. Most times you will not be aware that you have one clinging onto you, and it may be a few days before you feeling a lump, so if you are in the habit of moving around the countryside, then take care when you get back home. A good search with your eyes and with your hands when having a shower may save you problems in the very near future.

Next in line is the Cleg-fly.
This one I really hate as you will not know that it has landed on you until you feel the bite, and by that time it is too late, the damage has been done and lumps may soon appear, more so with some rather than with others. I myself do not seem to be affected by these horrible things, and I slap the spot where they have landed to kill them, and if you hit them square on you will be covered in the blood that they have extracted from other living things, not only humans. I can’t give you are cure for these bites, except to cover up, but if it is good weather that is not what you want to do, so you are between a rock and a hard place!

The Midge.
What can be said about the wee female warrior that puts level headed people into a terrified state? Sprays that deter them, sometimes work, so does Avon Skin-so-soft, but not with everyone, it is a case of trial and error, but we Scots have hard skins so we grin and bear it (is that a fact?)

The Scorpion Fly.
Now, how would you feel if the nasty looking one in my image landed on your bare arm or leg? Scream for help? Swat it with anything that is handy? There is no need as this one does not bite, all it wants is your sweat, or anything that is dead but with the name Scorpion! Well Scorpions have a sting at the end of their tail and can inflict terrible pain, so why give this non-poisonous, non-biting wee bug a name that instils fear into everyone’s heart!
Reason! It also has a tail that looks exactly like a Scorpions, but is covered in my image with its wings.

So it seems that everything we see is not what they appear to be.
But if any of the others bite or sting you, get it checked out, as most times it is where you cannot reach or see .Play safe during next and subsequent years.

Norrie Mulholland
First published in the Buteman 12-10-2012


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