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This website contains articles and photographs about wildlife and walking on the beautiful Isle of Bute.

After clicking on any of the top line, eg Nature, then scrolling down past the images and articles, you will find that the choices on the right column  will still be there, but if you click on another, eg Butterflies, they will  disappear, well, scroll back up and click on the same one that you had chosen, eg Nature, or any of the others  in the top line and they will once more be in view.

Left click on first image to enlarge, then scroll down to the rest.

Up until the end of 2007 my images in the Buteman were in black and white, so I had to describe to you what colour the birds etc were, but now I don't have to as from 2008 they were in colour, but I will send the original articles as they were to my website.



Norrie Mulholland

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