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Orange Ladybird

Orange Ladybird

Orange Ladybird

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 More than happy that the weather has been getting warmer, with lots of butterflies, moths , and creepy-crawlies in abundance , but there was nothing unusual for me to take images of
and write about, until two weeks ago As I was walking along the shore path at Mount Stuart when a very small flying thing just missed me and landed on the nearest tree. I think it was trying to get my attention so as I would photograph it, which I did. It was a Orange Ladybird. Not the first time that I have seen one, but never one flying. As you see it is very small and prefers to walk rather than fly , thus saving lots of energy. Image taken, and left it along to do what they normally.
Jump a couple of weeks and walking along Victoria Street when a friend of mine named Dot was passing by. I have never known her surname , yet she worked in Scades paper shop ln Bridgend St
for many many years ,and that was the shop that my parents used..

Well I noticed another Orange Ladybird on her cardigan, and beside it was a Greenfly, possibly that was going to be its lunch?. Well pointed out to Dot, took a photo of it,then took it off her and put it on my hand.. I have mentioned before that insects seem quite happy to be on a warm surface, and are in no hurry to leave. After taking more images of it on my finger, which lets you see how small it is, then put it on to a petal in the Planter out side the Buteman Office, then wee both went on our way. I will print out an image for Dot for being cool-calm-and – collected., as some people would panic in case they get bitten.
Well that was a nice start for that day. Myself spotting it and Dot enjoying the moment that she had instead of wearing a brooch, she had a Live-in- season,-ladybird on her for all to see ,albeit for a short time
This is the time that makes it all worthwhile for me, when the public, other than read about what I do , but seeing for themselves, me doing it . Every time I see a Orange Ladybird , I will automatically see the one on her at this time. And every time I see Dot, I will remember that day, always. So if you happen to be walking a long the road wearing a Ladybird brooch, and
see me coming towards you, nip up the nearest close , or into a shop for peace and quiet.

This year has got off to a good start as far a Ladybirds go as I have seen many Seven Spot ones,every day that I go out. So the gardeners will be happy as they eat the aphids that destroy flowers , and this is the favourite food for the Ladybirds.
Many years ago I was counting the Sand Martins nests at the Kingarth Sand and Gravel Pit where there was literally thousands of Ladybirds on the ground. It was nigh-well-imposable to avoid tramping on them,unless I abandoned what I wanted to do so I carried on.

Norrie Mulholland

First Published in the Buteman 06-06-2014.


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