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The Loch Fad Pike

Jack Pike Loch Fad

Jack Pike Loch Fad

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 The Loch Fad Pike.

This image of a loch Fad Pike was taken at the Causeway on 18-05-2006. It was not often that you would get a chance like this as they were never that close to the shore, and being above it gave me a good image.


This is called a “Jack Pike” or a young one, and is only about 12 Inches in length, (304.8. millimetres... I fished at this loch since I was a teenager, and grew very fond of it, spending nearly all of my spare time fishing at it, with occasional visits to Loch Ascog or around Bute’s shores, but Loch Fad was always my favourite.
In my younger days we were not allowed to fish on a Sunday, preserving the Sabbath, and in later years when I started my apprenticeship as a Joiner, we had to work on a Saturday morning, so for me time was very limited during the winter, due to darkness, but myself and my friends made full use of the lighter nights, but being so engrossed in fishing and having a log fire meant that we never noticed the darkness was descending on us and the end result was arriving home very late to get our ears felt for doing so.
Well it was great for many – many- years, then other things took our attention, like the opposite sex, which was very interesting to say the least, but I will not bore you with the details as you will have experienced them yourselves?
In those days we never met females at any of the lochs; it seemed to be a male hobby only, but not nowadays, as during competitions at Loch Fad there are always a few ladies taking part, with good results, maybe not the prize for the biggest or most fish but well up the line. (pardon the pun )
I helped clean up the rubbish that the fishermen and ladies left behind. Not the Fly Fishers fraternity, but the Bait fishing ones who fished from the shores. This I did for twelve years , every Monday morning leaving home about 07-30 Hours, arriving there at 08-00 hours and normally finished about 11-00Hours depending on how clean or unclean the shores were.
The visiting public never cease to amaze me. There were always plenty of large drums for depositing their rubbish but and were well used, but small plastic containers that held bait that is banned in the loch would be thrown up into the undergrowth, and could not be lifted until the undergrowth had died down. Bottles were the next thing to be slung away, and it seemed to be a challenge to see who could throw the farthest and I think that some would be really good bowlers, if they wanted a change from fishing.
Other Fish in the Loch are Perch, which I will write about whenever I go to Loch Ascog to catch one, and Roach, which I wrote about a few weeks ago, and Sticklebacks, which I have had no luck in netting.
There are many large pike in the Loch, and if you fish there, it is a catch-and –return-policy.
This year the Loch has big problems that I will not go into as they have been well covered by the Buteman. I only wish that it clears up very quickly with no lasting effects.

Norrie Mulholland.
First Published in the Buteman 13-09-2013.



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