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Angle Shades Moth



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Angle Shades Moth.

This week I have the pleasure of showing and telling you about this lovely moth. Maybe for some of you that are not too keen on any kind of moth, may be persuaded to look on them as not being a threat to you, but to be amazed at the colours that lots of them have.

These colours are wasted on us , as most of them only fly at night, so are unseen . But occasionally, the night-time fliers will spend the daylight hours in full view of the public. This one has a habit of doing just that.

I patrol the Island looking for them and other mammals, birds , butterflies etc etc. but sometimes I do not have to travel very far, as the one that you see here was sound asleep six feet upon a wall in my next doors neighbour, Linda's house, so camera in hand and preparing to get a shot of it , when it took off. Not very far as it landed on Linda's cardigan. Was she frightened and hysterical? Not a bit as she has been with me many times walking and is no longer upset with the wildlife that we encounter, so she calmly waited for me to take images of it then it was put back on the wall to get the rest of it's sleep in peace, that is unless some bird take a fancy to having it for lunch. She also would pick up Palmate Newts so that I could get images of them, without even a flinch of fear.
A while ago while walking up to Loch Fad with Linda and Nora, when the way back there was a Golden Ringed Dragonfly on the road where the Chapelton Woods were. I say where, as they have been “clear felled”, so are no longer there, but will soon be replanted. Well I was keen to get an image of this Dragonfly, so I lay on the road beside it to get an eye level one, but there was traffic arriving, but Linda and Nora stopped them. The driver must have thought that there had been an accident, with this person lying on the road. Well this poor wee thing was nearing the end of its life, and was not fit to fly away, so I picked it up and showed it to the driver of the car and he was impressed. So with good friends and considerate drivers , that day was good. The Dragonfly was taken home by me and died peacefully, then taken down to the Museum.

Back to the Angle Shades. The first time that I came across one was at the bird hide at the Kirk Dam. ( beside the Loch Fad Causeway). It was halfway up the entrance door in full view of anything that would fancy a snack, so once again, image taken and this time it did not fly away, so I left it in peace wondering when someone would use the hide, and notice it, then again , going by its colours, Olive green, pale brown, with pinkish triangular mark they may miss it. Common from May-October, but less so in other months. At rest it is only 27 mm.
Look out for next year

First published in the Buteman. 13-12-2013



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