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Santa at Loch Fad

(1) Santa at Loch Fad

(1) Santa at Loch Fad

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A Sight to Be - HO-HO-HO - Hold.


There I was, minding my own business, having my usual stroll up to Loch Fad, and as I reached the causeway, there in a boat the middle of the loch was ‘Santa Claus’.  I thought that I was seeing things, but -no, it was him right enough, casting out flies and endeavouring to catch a Rainbow Trout. Not for him was his usual attire of a red suit with white trimmings. That would have frightened the fish away.


 He was all in green, but there was no way that he could hide his long white beard and hair, and his girth also gave the game away, he looked like the ‘Michelin Man’, enough to frighten away more than the fish! And the bag that he uses to carry the presents down the chimneys was replaced with a landing net to land the fish. He would not come ashore to have a talk, for, as it was only the 22nd of December, he did not want any children to see him, as they may have thought that he was not attending to his work, which could mean that their presents would be late or they may get none at all.


All was explained though. He and his little helpers were that far advanced with the Christmas workload that they gave him a new fishing rod and reel for his Christmas, and also a day’s fishing on Loch Fad.  Well he could not resist it, so with a streamlined sledge, and the fastest reindeer, which was a   New Proto Type. - Rudolph- The Red Nosed -Mark 2. Turbo- Charged Model, he made good time from the North Pole. I watched him fish for a while, and decided that he should stick to his day job, as his expertise with a fly rod had a lot to be desired, then again, I don’t suppose that there is a lot of use for fishing tackle where he comes from, as it is frozen most of the time, so he will not get much practice, and it showed. After about an hour I got fed up. The fish were jumping all around him, yet none took his flies. I think that if he had brought a ‘Spear’ with him, then he may have had more luck? Then again if I said that to him, he may have thought that I was taking the ‘Michael’. I wouldn’t do something like that. Would I?


                                                            Norrie Mulholland


First Published in the Buteman. 09-01-2004.


Now at 22-04-2013, it is time to name Santa.


It was great to get his permission to Publish it in our local paper, and even better when asked, if I could put it on my website and name him... The answer was in the article.



It was  ‘Mike Spear’, a local man.

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