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The New Year Bird


New Year Bird

Now is the time that we have all been waiting for.  The arrival of possibly the most sought after bird in the whole world. This bird waits till the end of the current year is almost upon us, then it descends in millions all over the world.


Nowhere is safe from this bird that starts it's life in the Spey Valley in Northern Scotland, where it breeds quietly for most of the year, living on barley with the variety that includes malt being it's favourite.  In the summer they gather round the peat hags that have been set alight with the sun shining through broken bottles that have been discarded by picnickers. The smoke from these fires give this bird a distinctive aroma that cannot be bettered by the many species that try, like the Ptarmigan and the Capercallie.  This bird has got it all.  Good looks, good colour and those that have succumbed to the temptation to catch one and to ingest it, they say that it is the smoothest and tastiest bird that they have tried.  They were that impressed with this bird that they couldn't get enough of them and caught more and more of them and made themselves very ill. Therefore lies a lesson, every thing in moderation and you will come to no harm.

These birds had no name, and many a person tried to give them one to no avail. They could not agree on one. Tempers were raised, with one man taking to the floor with his nomination that many times that he was called an old grouse.  The present company realised, that there, was an ideal name for this bird , A Grouse!, and so the name was born. But this was not just any old bird, it was special to Scotland and deserved to be recognised world wide, so they gave it the prefix The Famous. And so this bird is now known as "The Famous Grouse".Identification is very easy. They come with amber coloured bodies with yellow wings and a beige head with a circular black crest on it. So on your travels around the world at Hogmany if you see one of these birds, pour yourself a whisky and raise your glass and  make a toast to,


                                                                                    " The Famous Grouse"



First Published in the Buteman  27-12-2002, and on 10-01-2014.

Wishing you a trouble free  2014


Norrie Mulholland.                                       V




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The Famous Grouse
The Famous Grouse

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